UC Melanoma & Skin Cancer Consortium
Bringing together physicians and scientist across California from the five University of California Comprehensive Cancer Centers at UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCSD, and UCSF since 2022.
This consortium is devoted to improving melanoma/skin cancer treatment, outcomes, and survivorship by developing investigator initiated clinical trials for tumors or disease states not well studied by current industry and cooperative groups and supported across the consortium.

About our logo

The contiguous intertwining ribbons is a symbol of our guiding principle: fighting skin cancer through the free flow of ideas and resources.

Black RibbonSymbol for melanoma awareness

Black Striped RibbonSymbol for rare disease awareness: basal cell carcinoma and merkel cell carcinoma

Red White RibbonSymbol of awareness for disease: cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.

Mission Statement

The University of California Melanoma Skin Cancer Consortium (UCMSCC) is devoted to improving melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer treatment, outcomes, and survivorship by further characterizing current treatments, and developing new treatment options as well as providing educational opportunities.